About the creator

My name is Jay, the creator of RatingTennis and a professional sports bettor.

Why did you start RatingTennis?

RatingTennis.com is a passion project of mine that I’ve always wanted to create but struggled to find the time to devote to it. Tennis was the first sport I modelled and has remained one of my favourite to bet on. During my time betting, I’ve never seen a site that provides the level of statistical analysis that I know is capable on tennis so I decided to create tennis-ratings to fill that void.

How long have you been a professional sports bettor?

I’ve been a professional bettor for the last 4 years after working for 12 years as a quantitative modeller for a couple of Australia’s largest banks.

Why did you leave your corporate job to pursue betting?

I was betting part-time during the last year of my corporate job with some moderate success. I wasn’t completely sure if I could make it a full-time vocation, but was eager to try something new with corporate life no longer providing the stimulation I needed. I knew I would never be able to give it a proper go without pursuing it full-time so I left my job and gave myself a year to make something of it and I haven’t looked back since.

How successful are you at betting?

Without disclosing actual numbers, I’ve made considerably more money betting than I made in my corporate job. However, money aside, what i love most about it is the flexibility it gives me.